Thursday, March 1, 2012

First post of 2012!

I've been remiss. I really meant to be more regular on this blog but life kept me soooo busy that I kept putting off updates till I got time to catch my breath. (Which BTW is yet to happen - i.e. catching my breath.)
But I started using Twitter today to tweet about the UCLA-TED talks going on at school and I suddenly remembered that I should probably pay attention to this forum as well. So before I get into details about the TED talks, let me just quickly update you on the MBA stuff I've been upto since my last post.

- Participated in a Global Innovation Challenge and my team got selected in the top 5 out of 60 global MBA teams! It was a 2 week process and although we didn't win the final round,it was a challenging and fun experience. I learnt a lot about electric vehicles in the process.

- Participated in the Deloitte Case Competition at UCLA which was quite disastrous from my perspective. To start with, the topic was the beer industry of which I know nothing. I'm a wine girl. Also, we had only 24 hours to analyze the case, put together the slides, and practice our presentation. We didn't really pull that off well.

- Participated in the Net Impact Consulting Challenge at UCLA. We consulted for this wonderful nonprofit called Bookends which aims to collect and provide books to underprivileged kids. It is a cause close to my heart since I remember being poor and unable to afford books as a child in India. The Bookends team was a pleasure to work with and they loved our proposal so the engagement was a success.

- Got selected to go to Brazil next quarter whoo hoo! I'm already taking Thursday evening + Sat morning classes this quarter and with the Brazil prep classes being held on Friday evenings, I'm spending a lot of time going back and forth SD-LA. I'd say it's worth it. This is the kind of stuff we are learning and talking about.

- I'm taking a business plan development class this quarter and my team is developing a plan for a digital comic book business. It is very challenging because none of us know much about the comic industry but it's also a lot of fun and I can chat up comic geeks easily now!

- Finally, on a somewhat MBA related note, my fitness has taken a nosedive lately. I've resolved to set that straight. So, along with regular blog posts, imma hit the gym more often too. Good luck to me.


  1. Long time no see stranger. Did you end up going to India for a visit last year? Congrats on the Brazil selection! And good luck with the gymming...

  2. Hey hey! Yes I've been away from the blogosphere too long - but I'm back now! I need to catch up with your blog too. Yup went to India and it was fantastic. Had so much to write about the trip, but life was just crazy past 2 months..

  3. I just stumbled across your blog while researching the UCLA FEMBA program. Very entertaining and probably the best look in I have been able to find online. I know you haven't posted since 2012 but if you happen to see this I would love to ask you some questions about your experience as based on your timeline you have probably completed the program now.

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  5. Hi TonyK511! I'm amazed this blog is still being read. I had almost forgotten about it. I'll be happy to give you more insights. I really really enjoyed my FEMBA experience and 3 months after graduation, I still miss it! Send me your full name and email id and I'll email you.